If you a watch lover, buying a new watch shouldn't be only about money and brand name. Focus on the uniqueness of the design, the quality, the fashion sense, how is the watch fit with your nice outfit, the material, and how is the your mood to wear the watch!  

I'm Akon, I am not only a watches lover but much more concern with how's the watch fit your personal style. People should have a different way to wear watch. I really disappointed when I come on the road and every one is wearing a Rolex, Omega, Panerai. Although those brand a really good and famous brand in the watch industry, everyone does have the same style and you lose your own fashion sense. So I am trying to create this web store, I hope to promote the brand with stylish but not expensive. With reasonable price, having a quality nice watch is my aims. I did personally have a Audermas Piguet. I didnt say not going to buy those luxury brand, but I hope you not only buying the the luxury brand watch but also some others watches to fit your outfit and style. Luxury Brand with the serious meeting, our suggested watch for a fun trip or even having a ride.

We try to source our watches from all different countries carefully to make sure the watch is in high quality and nice design. Please allow us for up to 2-3 weeks for any items delivery to you which is shipped from our international Warhouse.

If you are watches lover, please stay with us. Another purpose with this shop is to group the people who loves watch! Hope you enjoy the experience to own one of our exclusive time pieces.


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